Modified Style is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, community enhancement organization that supports and encourages the growth of Portland’s creative, eco-conscious identity in the form of fun, accessible, sustainable fashion. Established in 2007, our goal is to help minimize the massive carbon footprint of the fashion industry by fostering creativity, confidence and self-expression.



Modified Style promotes sustainable fashion awareness in a variety of ways.

  • We change the way people think about secondhand clothing by creating imagery that elevates thrifted clothes to an artform.  

  • We host two clothing swaps per year, reducing the need for people to buy new items.

  • We participate in various events as guest speakers, organize meetups and classes, and offer education and sustainable fashion advice on our social media platforms.

  • We organize an annual fundraising fashion show. At this show, donated fabric is diverted from the waste stream and used by designers of all skill levels and ages to create innovative fashions, which are then auctioned off to support our programs and benefit local charities.

    • We are the only fashion show in Portland with a youth category, and we love to help cultivate the next generation of designers! For our adult participants we provide an avenue for self-expression, creativity, and professional development.

    • We keep our costs low and provide scholarships to those who can't afford the fees. Other fashion shows cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to participate in. We think everyone should be able to become a successful designer as long as they have the talent and ambition! Winning our show opens doors for many designers, as our prize package includes a free audition to FashioNxt, Portland's largest fashion event. There they get training and exposure to jump-start their career! This event sparks innovation, originality, resourcefulness, and confidence – the essence of Portland culture!

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Kelly has a strong aversion to greenwashing and a particular interest in life cycle analysis. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Portland State University. She now lives on the Oregon coast and owns a thrift store there. She is Heather's model and muse, and enjoys hiking, dancing, international travel, and sewing projects using salvaged garments. 



Heather studied Environmental Sociology at Portland State University, where she focused many of her studies on sustainable fashion. She is involved with the Black Rock Boutique, a Burning Man camp which has similar sustainable fashion ambitions as Modified Style. Heather enjoys living as an artist, expressing herself through styling, photography, and dance.



Kasey is a hairstylist and works closely with local designers who specialize in sustainable fashion. Kasey loves being part of an organization that teaches her community how to have less of an impact on the earth through being sustainably fashionable. She is also excited about the other ways that Modified Style gives back to the community and interacts with the youth!



Sion has served on the board of Modify Style since 2013. She has served as a volunteer, held several positions on the board, and designed for the annual fashion show. Sion is a self-proclaimed workaholic who loves her job in marketing at an environmental consulting firm. Sion is an avid hostess who loves nothing more than bringing friends and family together. When not entertaining, Sion loves to travel, cook, sew, and explore the great outdoors.



Elizabeth is a self-taught fashion designer who is currently attending the Portland Fashion Institute and developing strictly sustainable couture garments for her fashion label Elizabeth Jane Couture. Her passion for sustainable living has enabled her to find joy and satisfaction in thrift shopping and attending clothing swaps, and she’s devoted to pursuing minimum to zero waste practices in her business and personal life.
A born and raised Oregon native with her heart in the city, nothing makes her happier than a sunny day in summer. When she’s not singing her heart out or pursuing the creative and dramatic arts, you can find her doing what she’s most passionate about: meeting and connecting with people.


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Modified Style Portland is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable fashion by hosting artistic, community, and educational events in Portland, Oregon.

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